Training GoKits

TEPP Central Operations has an Instructor and Practical Exercise GoKit available for check out to assist instructors with delivery of the MERRTT Modules. The Instructor GoKit contains many of the props needed to demonstrate the optional information listed in the Instructor Guides. The Practical Exercise GoKits contain many of the items needed for the MERRTT Practical Exercise. GoKits can be requested by contacting TEPP Central Operations.

The Instructor GoKit contains the following:

  • 1 smoke detector with americium source.
  • 2 thorium lantern mantles.
  • Small piece of natural uranium or thorium ore.
  • 1 orange antique Fiestaware style plate.
  • 1 NRC exempt source set with an alpha emitter (Po-210), beta emitter (Sr-90), and gamma emitter (Co-60) contained within a plastic container.
  • 1 piece of 1/4 inch plexiglass measuring approximately 4 inches by 4 inches to demonstrate beta shielding.
  • 1 regular and 1 highway route controlled quantity placard mounted back-to-back on foam board.
  • 1 set of labels (EMPTY, radioactive I, II, III, and fissile) mounted on foam board with description of each.
  • 1 copy of the Emergency Response Guidebook.
  • 1 Type A shipping package with labels attached.
  • 1 Type A radiopharmaceutical inner container.
  • 1 container to hold smaller items in GoKit.
Instructor GoKit with optional radiological survey meter

Practical Exercise GoKits contains the following:

For MERRTT Practical Exercise 1

  • 3 radiation sources (e.g., ore, mantle, radium dial). Use alpha and gamma sources from Instructor GoKit for fourth and fifth source.
  • 3 small pieces of plastic to use as beta shielding.
  • Tent cards for labeling sources (i.e., “Source 1,” “Source 2”).

For MERRTT Practical Exercise 2

  • 4 pairs of disposable coveralls.
  • 3 sheets—2 for backboard and 1 for the gurney.
  • 1 pair of EMS shears (located inside plastic container) for removal of coveralls.

For MERRTT Practical Exercise 3

  • 1 simulated Type B package (package #4).
  • 3 larger Type A packages (Packages #1, 3, and 5). Use package from Instructor GoKit for Package #2.
  • 1 copy of the ERG.
  • Smears.
  • Tent card for package number 1 with dose rate info.
  • Tent cards for labeling packages (e.g., “Package 1”).
  • Copy of Shipping Papers for package #2.

For MERRTT Practical Exercise 4

  • 2 pair of coveralls with mantles hidden inside coveralls.

For MERRTT Practical Exercise 5

  • 1 set of Picture practicals.
Example of a Practical Exercise GoKit