Decontamination Dressdown at a Transportation Accident Involving Radioactive Material

This training video and user guide was designed to supplement the MERRTT program and has been produced to demonstrate techniques used to conduct the decontamination dressdown of responders who have entered the hot zone and are contaminated with radioactive material.

Starting with the initial scene size up, this video will show responders' discussing the decontamination plan, scene entry, review victim rescue and treatment, and demonstrate decontamination dressdown techniques when working at an accident scene where responders have been contaminated with only radioactive material. The video presents one perspective on how decontamination dressdown can be accomplished. The sequence or method of decontamination your organization uses may differ from this video. Each instructor should review organizational standard operating procedures and decide which, if any, of the sections of this training video can be applied to your organization's training.

View a 2 minute sample of the video

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