Model Emergency Operations Plan Annex Information

The Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program has several Model Procedures and Planning Products available for emergency response agencies. The Model Procedures and Planning Products are designed to help remedy procedural weaknesses that the agency has identified by conducting the TEPP Model Needs Assessment.

The purpose of the Model Emergency Operations Plan Annex is to provide planning guidance to state, local, and tribal officials for response to transportation incidents involving radioactive materials. This model provides a basic structure and annotated guidance for preparing a Transportation Annex to a county level Emergency Operations Plan. Guidance for preparing this model was based on FEMA REP 5 and the FEMA State and Local Guide (SLG) 101 Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning. This model was prepared using example information pertinent to County level planning, rather than State level planning. Information appearing in italics provides guidance for planning. Other information within specific sections should be considered as examples only and must be changed to reflect specific jurisdictional situations and requirements.

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