Tabletop Introduction / Agenda

The purpose of this tabletop is to facilitate a learning environment where response agencies can come together, face to face, to understand and talk through an integrated response to a transportation accident involving radioactive material. Tabletops provide an ideal environment for learning, discussing, and identifying issues that may not be as obvious when players are physically separated as they are during drills and exercises.

Checklist for Planning and Conducting the Transuranic (TRU) Waste
(Class 7 Radioactive) Emergency

This document contains information on the following: Phase 1 - Planning, Phase 2 - Tabletop Setup, Phase 3 - Tabletop Play, and Phase 4 - Post Tabletop Activities.

Transuranic (TRU) Waste (Hazard Class 7 Radioactive)
Moderator's Version of Tabletop (1,443 Kb)

Ensure participants understand the purpose of the tabletop is to provide them (the Emergency Response Organization [ERO] members) an opportunity to respond to a simulated transportation accident, through participant discussion. If at any time a participant does not understand his/her responsibilities, stop the tabletop and take the steps necessary to ensure understanding.

Transuranic (TRU) Waste (Hazard Class 7 Radioactive)
Participant Handout for Tabletop

The purpose of this tabletop is to allow individuals to participate as well as to observe the required interactions and responsibilities of the various groups that respond to a transportation accident.