Event Details

Full 2-Day MERRTT Class

The Full 2-Day MERRTT program is delivered in approximately 16 classroom hours and includes all of the following modules:

  1. Radiological Basics
  2. Biological Effects
  3. Radioactive Material Shipping Packages
  4. Hazard Recognition
  5. Initial Response Actions
  6. Patient Handling
  7. Incident Control
  8. Radiological Survey Instruments & Dosimetry Devices
  9. Decontamination, Disposal and Documentation
  10. DOE Shipments and Resources
  11. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  12. Pre-Hospital Practices
  13. Transportation of Safeguards Material
  14. Transportation by Rail
  15. Case Histories
  16. Public Information Officer

In addition to the modules listed above, 5 practical hands-on activities will also be conducted. These activities will cover:

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Patient Handling
  3. Package Integrity
  4. Contamination Survey
  5. Picture Card Practical


05/10/2021 - 05/15/2021
Hebron Fire Protection District
3120 North Bend Road
Hebron, KY 41048
Brian Hart
Three consecutive Day 1 sessions followed by three consecutive Day 2 MERRTT sessions. The State of Kentucky will be providing instructor support for these training sessions.

State Contact

Curt Pendergrass

Contract Coordinator

Ken Keaton