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This 8-hour technician training program is aligned with the specific radiological competencies listed in NFPA 472 for a Technician Level and Agent Specific responder. The training includes a pre-test to verify responder knowledge and understanding of the actions necessary for radiological accident response. The course content includes advanced level training on instrument operation, radiological detector selection and limitations. In addition to the classroom training, students using their incident command system will participate in three field drills. In preparation for the exercises the students will establish an incident command staff, assign positions, and develop objectives for each of the three field drills. Upon completion of the incident command structure, students will discuss the field drill radiation safety plan, addressing protective clothing considerations, process for mapping the scene, using radiological instruments demonstrate how to conduct both radiation and contamination surveys, identify various types of "live" radiation sources, establishing control zone boundaries, explain and demonstrate decontamination methods and contamination controls. Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a certificate from the Department of Energy's Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program.


02/16/2022 - 02/18/2022
Bowling Green Fire Department
625 East 6th Avenue
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Michael Webster
Kentucky Radiation Health Branch will provide the needed Cs137 radiation sources. TRG will provide the mixed radiation sources,

State Contact

Curt Pendergrass

Contract Coordinator

Ken Keaton